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Autumn Winter 16' new collection!

As always, Marie Puce presents its couture new collection.
Discover our beautiful styles, materials and elegant details.
Our mood boards reflect autumn in a very pepsy way. Bright colors and Liberty of course!

Let's enjoy the autumn 's soft breeze!


Autumn 16 Liberty selection by Marie Puce

Marie Puce 's number One material: Liberty... Our autumn selection for babies!

The new collection was designed around these soft Liberty colors and prints :
- Pink of course! Tender sweet pink for little ones and hawthorn pink, our Must Have for this season!
- Marie Puce number top shades of blue : navy, pepsy turquoise and our amazing "thunder blue" THE winter 16' blue!
- Another Must Have: our harmony of grey.
- Beautiful colour range from saffron, yellow, terra-cotta to pure orange.

Marie Puce Buzz

Marie Puce mood boards n°2

Enter the making of our A/ W 2016/2017 collection.

Today's programme : MEADOW BLUE LIBERTY