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JUST IN this season: The Salt Walter sandals are @ Marie Puce

The Salt Water sandals were created in the US.
70 years later, they still are a real Must Have and Marie Puce has the honor to be among their French stockiest.

Marie Puce has selected two Must Have designs from Salt Water:
- Salt Water Original in tan color in sizes from 22 to 41. Perfect for toddlers, little girls, teens and their mothers!
- Salt-Water Surfer, chocolate color for boys.

So comfortable and robust, the Salt Water are perfect to wear in and out of the water AND that they are machine washable!

Chic and trendy! The Salt Walter are this summer's Must Have on all social media.

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Shoes @ Marie Puce!

The best shoe brands are @ Marie Puce this season!

Discover Marie Puce's top selection of the best shoe brands for babies, toddlers and children : Saltwater, Marie Puce sandals, Beberlis, Karlskoga, Easy Peasy, MÉDUSE® and Minnetonka

Marie Puce has three key criteria : quality, chic and trendy look and an affordable price!

Summer shoes selection @ Marie Puce :