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Our children love comfortable clothes and we understand them!

Marie Puce is a french designer for babies and kids.

We like perfect cuts: real dresses for little girls but inspired by adult fashion and the spirit of the times, Liberty blouses with Claudine collar for little girls or with trendier shapes for young girls.

Our inspiration has always been the Liberty prints! 

After having chosen in this beautiful house our favourites for the season, we have our plain colours dyed. This winter we have a crazy passion for Indian red, shades of fig, emerald green, not forgetting moss green and mustard yellow ! We love the colours that are not really colours, the subtle and indefinable tones... and that make our children so beautiful and unique.

Since 2003, 16 years already..., we have been creating top-of-the-range, ultra-chic and always very couture collections. We remain a true designer of children's clothing, independent and without intermediaries. Most of our clothes are still made in France, in wonderful workshops that work with great care.

If you are looking for an original and chic birth gift idea, our baby collection is now a real reference for top-of-the-range and refined birth gifts. We choose high quality and noble materials, subtle colours, very retro, cosy and comfortable cuts.

With a Marie Puce baby set, you will be sure to please!

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Baby shoes from Beberlis

Baby shoes from Beberlis

  • from €49
Baby shoes from Beberlis

Baby shoes from Beberlis

  • from €75
baby shoes from Beberlis

Baby shoes from Beberlis

  • from €73

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