Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is coming and we can't wait to open our presents, but making the pleasure last with pretty packaging is even better. This year, why not revisit our gift wrapping with some great DIY ideas that you can reproduce at home?

Here are a few of our ideas for wrapping your pretty little gifts in a way that's original, eco-friendly and won't cost a fortune.

Newspaper, magazine or music sheets packaging  

Why not try 100% recycled packaging? There's no need to buy anything and it's super original! Take an old magazine, select the most beautiful pages and make them into gift wrap. You can make cones, rolls or simply cover a box. Perfect your gift wrapping with string or ribbon and add some fir leaves.

Furoshiki packaging 

Furoshiki is a Japanese fabric folding technique. It is used to wrap gifts without waste. Like gift wrap, Furoshiki also has its own wrapping techniques. It is based on folding.

So put away your glue, tape or ribbon, because they won't be of any use to you for this zero-waste packaging. All you need is a bit of practice. Get yourself a piece of fabric and here's the tutorial! For the quantity of fabric, you'll need a square much larger than the object.

Toilet Paper Roll 

To wrap a small gift, dare to use a roll of toilet paper. To get away from the "tube" shape and create a beautiful little box, flatten it out and fold the ends inwards to close the box. Add a touch of decoration and you're done! And that's it, you've made a great gift wrap with a simple roll of toilet paper.

What's more, your little boxes are unique and can be personalised. And they're really pretty! It's a lot better than those gift boxes you buy that all look the same.

Children's drawings 

Any family with one or more children is quickly overwhelmed by piles and piles of drawings. We don't know what to do with them and, being emotional, we don't always dare make them disappear. What if we turned those cute drawings into gift wrapping?

Don't hesitate to get your children involved, they'll be delighted to choose the drawings! 

Have fun and above all Merry Christmas!

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