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Paris Secret by Marie Puce #5

After a few weeks of absence, we are back with our #ParisSecret section which takes you to discover our favorite places in Paris, the most characteristic, the least known, and those to discover with your family.
Summer seems to be a distant memory, and with the arrival of fall, the weather is getting worse and worse... Rain, wind, cold and the days are getting shorter and shorter! But don't worry, Paris offers us many covered places that are beautiful too, and in today's blog, we are going to suggest you some of them.

Have you ever heard of galleries and covered passages?
There are several, about twenty, located along the Grands Boulevards and most of them are occupied by stores, tea rooms, and restaurants.
These galleries, built in the 19th century, are the perfect place to stroll on an autumn afternoon.

But let's discover our favorites together and don't forget to share your best family photos with us using the hashtag #parissecretbymariepuce.

  1. Vivienne Gallery

  2. Definitely one of the most emblematic galleries of Paris, it was built in 1823 near the Palais Royal, in a very quiet place, behind the Richelieu library. Characterized by its pretty floor with colored mosaics, by raising the eyes, we can appreciate the beautiful glass roof which lets in the natural light.

  3. Here, you can find several shops such as tea rooms, gourmet stores, wine cellars, grocery stores, antique bookstores...

Passage des Panoramas

Built in 1799, it is considered the first covered passage in Paris. Despite this, it still retains its old-fashioned character and its commercial liveliness, thanks mainly to the period decorations still present, such as those of the former Marquis chocolate factory and the Stern printing works. Along its 133 m, each window reflects a historical part of the capital.

Dominated by a superb glass roof, this historic passageway has been home to the Théâtre des Variétés since 1807, which is still in operation with many shows and comedies.

Passage des Princes

Last but not least, the fourth passage we chose for this chapter of #ParisSecret, will surprise you for the number of stores dedicated to toys, model making, and video games. It's a real paradise for your children (and maybe for you too!), which is absolutely worth a visit.

Unlike the other passages, this one has had a more eventful history: built in 1860, then destroyed in 1985, it was rebuilt identically in 1995. It has thus kept its beautiful original architecture, which blends in perfectly with the Haussmann buildings in the district.

Passage Verdeau

Located in the extension of the Passage des Panoramas, in the Grands Boulevards district, it bears the name of its creator who had it built in 1847. It represents today one of the most charming covered passages of the capital where to stroll in a cordial environment, surrounded by many stores of antiquities and unusual stores (old books, postcards, vintage cameras...).

As in the majority of Parisian galleries, visitors will be attracted by the large glass roof that lets in light by illuminating the facades of the stores.