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Our choice : Merino wool and cashmere !

Why? Because at Marie Puce we cherish beautiful natural and authentic fabrics.
Marie Puce pull over selection for the Fall/ Winter collection:
- 100% merino wool
- 92% merino & 8% cashmere wool.
- 50% Nylon, 40% Baby Alpaga, 10% Laine merinos, une petite nouvelle!

The story behind these finest wools :

Merino wool

Merino wool is one of the finest wool in the world : This fine wool is produced by Merino sheep. It is made of ultra thin fibres, softer than traditional wool. Its fibres are so fine that they do not itch.
Merino wool pull over : a Must have to wear directly on the skin.

Merino wool is very trendy as it is both light and warm, "does not itch" and is ideal for babies and children!

Cashmere wool

Cashmere comes from the fleece of the cashmere goats found in the Kashmir district in a region spreading from Northern Indian Kashmir to oriental Chinese Tibet.

During the harsh winters (-30 °C/ - 40°C), the goats grow a fine downy undercoat, doubling their summer coats.This dark grey duvet is sheared off or removed with a brush when the goats moult in spring. The annual production per goat is 150 grammes, which make cashmere an extremely precious wool.

Browse through our beautiful collection of pull overs : 92% ultra soft merino wool and 8% cashmere for its downy and soft touch.