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Customers Portrait #3

Today we welcome Christine for our third client portrait. Young and dynamic grandmother, she is a true Parisian who loves beautiful things, sewing, and Liberty. She shows us some of the beautiful places in the neighborhood.

Christine, can you introduce yourself in a few words?

My name is Christine, and I am the grandmother of 9 grandchildren from 4 months to 20 years old who have all been dressed at Marie Puce. I am an architect and I have always been very manual. I love sewing and embroidering smocks. 


How long have you lived in the neighborhood?

I lived at 57 rue du Cherche-Midi all my childhood until I was 15. I got married at a very young age and I always moved to the same street: I'm a real neighborhood girl!

Now, I've moved from the 6th to the 7th, but I live just across the street from Marie Puce.


A shop in the neighborhood that you love (besides Marie Puce, of course)?

There are the small daily shops, where I've been going since I was 15, like "La maison du Fromage".

For restaurants, we are always faithful to the "Nemrod", and we like to go to the Italian restaurant "Caffé Toscano" rue des Saints-Pères in the 7th.  

Another shop that I frequent a lot since I was little is "l'École des loisirs" which today is called "Chantelivre", it's a big bookshop located on rue de Sèvres where I often take my grandchildren.  

Still in the neighborhood, there is another activity that I love called "Artesane"; it is the first school of creative leisure courses online, but it has the studio here, at 24 rue Mayet, 5 minutes walk from Marie Puce. 

I used to go to the music publishers on rue Saint-Placide too. Unfortunately, they have all left the neighborhood.

Mahaut, Christine's grand-daughter
"Le Chantalivre"

Your moment of escape on the weekend?

When we stay in Paris and have lunch together as a family, we go for a walk in the Nuns' Park, otherwise the must-see walk in the neighborhood is the Jardin du Luxembourg.


When and how did you discover Marie Puce?

I discovered you when you arrived in the neighborhood, and I have always been loyal to you.

Moreover, as one of my grandsons is handicapped, you have always made special designs for him, for example with larger openings: adaptations always kindly made and free of charge! The whole family was very touched, and it reinforced the bond with your brand. 


What do you like most about the Marie Puce boutique?

Sometimes I get tired of the classic Liberty designs, but what I like about Marie Puce is that I can find Liberty designs that are not the most famous. 

I also like the fact that here, I feel like I'm finding patterns that I had for myself as a child, but that are still with a little bit of a quirky and modern twist.

Another thing I really like about you is the quality of the clothes and the hand sewing: I love the smocking on your blouses, especially on the white Olivia blouse where you can see the blue embroidery.

Jardin du Luxembourg
Olivia Blouse

Your favorite Liberty?

The Liberty Poppy and Daisy Framboise is too classic for me. On the other hand, I love the more modern ones like the Liberty Felda Aquarelle which I find really beautiful. 


If you had to describe Marie Puce's universe in one word? 

It's classic but still chic and Parisian. It stands out from the big brands. 


What product or service do you think Marie Puce is missing? 

I would like to see a little more refined t-shirts with Liberty borders or else basics like white t-shirts or little leggings to put under your pretty blouses

Liberty Felda Aquarelle
Christine's grandchildren