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Our inspirations for the Spring-Summer collection 2021

A new season is beginning and with it, I am eager to share my inspirations with you.
A collection imagined in three themes that invites you to dream and escape, like a fresh breath of air to ward off our times.

Built in the middle of a period of containment, it was born from the desire to

Breathe, Love and Dream.

Partie de campagne

 Just like a beautiful sunny weekend in the countryside, it is above all a desire for fresh air, for a sight lost on a green and infinite horizon, for the smell of nature in the early morning, for the breath of wind in the trees, for the pleasure of a pretty bouquet of wild flowers picked along the way…

The tender sage green and the freshness of the eucalyptus are combined with the blond colour of the wheat and the brightness of the sunflower yellow. 



We invite you into our romantic fantasy and our desire to see "La vie en rose"

 The pleasure of a bouquet of fresh roses, the blended scents of springtime flower gardens, the delicacy of an impressionist painting in watercolour. 

Blossom is an ode to all pink shades: Greedy like raspberry, Subtle like Rose tea, Sweet like powdery pink.

This colour makes our children look good, brings us love and announces the beautiful days just to say goodbye to winter forever. 


A taste for refreshing water and bathing, the warmth of the sun's rays on your skin... we take you on a journey with us to experience La Dolce Vita. 

A vibrant theme of sunshine, energy, cheerfulness and bright colours.
The secret desire to see the red of the beach umbrellas, the sails of the boats, our children's shovels in the sand, and the Big Blue, so deep and inspiring.    
 We can already hear our children's laughter, we start to dream of summer evenings to remake the world. We are almost on holiday...