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The marvellous world of Maileg

Maileg is the story of a beautiful adventure born in 1999.
Founded by Dorthe Mailil and her husband Erik, this beautiful Danish company is now known all over the world.

Passionate about design (Ah the Danish design!) since her early childhood, Dorthe graduated from the prestigious Danish Design School in 1996 and then followed a course in art schools in Marseille and Paris. So she knows France well!

It was during her studies that she created her first clay elf. Faced with the character's success, she turned it into fabrics and created a complete family of goblins.

Enthused by the characters of Dorthe and the world of the game, her husband Erik quickly joined her. In 1999 born MAILEG, which is the contraction of their family name "MAIL" and the word "LEG" which means to play in Danish.

A multitude of characters gradually joined the world of the elves. Accessories, very large and very small rabbits, decoration and especially the huge family of little mice of which we are all very fond.

Dorthe's imagination is still as overflowing as ever and it is she who still draws all the creative characters today.

The universe is simple, fresh and above all very poetic: the little mice go camping, to the beach, in strollers, they sleep in matchboxes... A universe that leaves our children a very great creative freedom.

The signature of Danish design can be found in all the details of colour and style: beautiful materials, a refined style, refined colours.... Everything we love about Marie Puce!

Every season we look forward to discovering the new products !

What willbe Dorthe Mailil's new ideas ? What will be the new characters and new worlds that will enchant us and our children?