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Baby shower

The birth of a baby is a great joy.
Such a happiness that we want to celebrate it with an original, chic and refined gift to be sure to please.

Our baby collection is designed with this in mind!

Our inspirations for babies....

Every season we go back to our parents' and grandparents' layette boxes and those of our babies. The collections are passed down from generation to generation and it is always a pure wonder to be inspired by these adorable retro little clothes to design our collections!

Our cuts are always very couture, refined and elaborate, with a sober and chic style for real "family clothes".

Our materials and colours are revisited with the spirit of the times.

And each little dress, shirt, trousers or sweaters, matching the rest of the collection, makes it possible to create charming sets, perfect to offer as birth gifts.

A birth gift found at a designer's home is truly original. It will be much appreciated by your friends and family!

High quality birth gifts...

As we like beautiful things, the materials are always chosen from the most beautiful suppliers of linens and cotton and of course from Liberty for little girls.

Finishing is a key element of the garment: handmade embroidery, very fine stitching, matching braids... You can recognize a beautiful garment by the quality of its refined details. And this is essential when choosing an original and chic birth gift.

A large part of the baby collection is made in France. It is becoming very original to offer a gift made in France !

The colours are carefully selected in the spirit of the times, for chic and trendy babies.

Our eau de toilette

Do you know the Marie Puce baby eau de toilette?
Made with very beautiful French materials and made in Grasse in the south of France, it is a pure wonder. If you have already ordered on the internet, then you have received a nice package wrapped in a refined tissue paper, perfumed with our eau de toilette. Test it and you will adopt it for your baby, your children and even for you!

Offering a baby's first eau de toilette is really a very refined and original birth gift. It's also a nice gift that moms don't always dare to give themselves.

Notre gamme de puériculture

Toujours inspirée du liberty, notre ligne de puériculture est assortie à la collection : Sortie de bain, protège carnet de santé ou petite trousse en Liberty.

Et testez notre couverture moelleuse et douce en cachemire et mérinos…

Des beaux cadeaux de naissance très originaux ! 

Our toys and stuffed animals

Our Jelly Cat or Maileg plush toys quickly become the cuddly toys of small children. Parents receive them as a birth gift and come back very quickly to get the copies of the precious cuddly toys!

And our nightlights make a pretty soft color in the baby's room...

A gift for brothers and sisters ?

Find our little Maileg and Trousselier toys, our little jewels and accessories to bring a gift to the big brother or sister.

What about the moms?

We often want to offer a gift to the mother too!
We offer you a small collection of favorite accessories: scarves, kits and jewelry for a small brand of affection.