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Our summer pullovers!

Marie Puce introduces a new combination of fabrics for its summer pullovers and cardigans!

Every year, Marie Puce designs a 100% cotton pullover collection matching each collection.

Cotton is a beautiful fabric but not always adapted to the frequent washing of children clothes. It looses its original shape, especially for items in rice or foam stitches.

The great news is Marie Puce has contacted its suppliers in this search for new summer fabric, in the spirit of our brand  : soft and of the utmost quality.

The ideal mix is : 40% cotton, 40% merino wool and 20% viscose !


Cotton grows up to two metres high. When in blossom, one can admire beautiful flowers with five pistils, then thick and hard capsules come out. When they open up, appear seed chambers. Then come out the moist fibers ; the fibers continue to expand and become fluffy cotton balls which can measure up to five centimeters depending on the variety. The fibers are then transformed into cotton threads, to be woven or knitted. Thanks to its strong resistance to heat, this fiber can be dyed into many colours.

Merino wool

This wool is amazing; it is grown on Merino wool sheep, its fibers are three times thinner than traditional woool. It is simply very soft and supple. Merino wool is trendy because it is light and warm and GENTLE TO THE SKIN. An ideal cover up for babies and children!


Did you know this?
Viscose is a semi synthetic fibre made from trees such as bamboo, pines and beech. Just like cotton, viscose is made of 90% cellulose ; which is then dissolved in a solution to produce a pulpy fabric to be spun into fibers and threads. Viscose is soft and silky.

Shop our summer cardigans, pullovers and jackets. The Marie Puce perfect mix : warm, light and soft !

Discover the exclusive Marie Puce colours created to match the Summer19 collection !

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