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Want to know about Célestine and Cie ?

Its a long story, it all started 16 years ago

Marie Puce first started selling in private sales organsied by Marie Puce hostesses.
Marie Puce was already a brand,  we had the ideas,  the patterns, the style, the materials and the designer but no shop yetSo we decided to test our concept with the help of our families, our friends and friends of friends.

And we met Christine ! She was a Marie Puce ambassador in Poitiers for many seasons and a very successful one.

Marie Puce and Christine then took different paths, until one day we realized that we were meant to work together !
For the past two years now, Marie Puce has been happy to present Christines beautiful drawings in our Paris shop and on www.mariepuce.comLast summer, Christine designed the perfect birthday calendar of our dreams.

Our collab is at its beginning as we have many more surprises coming !

Who is Christine ?

How long have you been drawing ?
I think I have always been drawing… It runs in the family! My mother is very artistic, she wanted to study fine arts and was advised to study… medicine. We always did things with our hands when we were young. 

I graduated from Penninghen design school not far from Marie Puce and I really enjoyed my student years in Paris.

Where does your inspiration come from ?
I married quite young and my first baby was born rapidly after. My inspiration naturally comes from these baby years, a time that I just loved so much.
Naturally, 23 years ago I started painting families! Just for us…

Has your style changed with time?
Maybe but not too much ! You can easily see in the drawings of young children the resemblance with the characters I paint today!

When do you draw ?
I have always loved working from home, manage my own schedule and enjoy having my family close ! I have my own studio now, it is big enough to co-workers!
Today, I am fortunate to have artists among my children… My daughter studies cinema sets at the FEMIS, another is aiming for the ARTS DECO, I am so happy that they wish to share BEAUTY.

What’s most important for you in life ?
What I cherish most are the love of my husband who is also an artist and the presence of our seven children. As they grow and leave home, the balance changes and I look at this amazing life with great HOPE.

I sometimes dream of a more contemplative state of mind…admire a flower or a tree for hours! I do not think the time has come yet.

To be continued !