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The story of Marie Puce

Marie Puce is a French children’s fashion brand, created by two sisters: Anne Thin and Camille Rey

During their childhood they had a passion for clothes and they would sew their own clothes with their mother. Thus the creative streak !

After working in marketing, Anne and Camille launched Marie Puce in 2003.

Who are these two children fashion designers? What are Marie Puce’s values?

Anne and Marie Puce...


Dear Anne,

Let's start this conversation with childhood memories.

Can you tell us a sweet memory from your childhood?
I have always loved mending and doing things with my hands and among my sweetest memories are the times when I would sew with mummy. She taught us to sew very young, she was so patient! We could make any garment from a coat to a pair of trousers. Not to forget the fond memories with our father with whom we would paint and mend at week ends, in a house full of music.

A smell
Autumn in Arcachon where we lived for six years. There was a tree with a unique smell on our way to school. I never knew its name but I come across this smell sometimes and feel confident I will identify this tree properly.

Something sweet
A Tarte Tropezienne or a macaroon by Pierre Hermé: they are both exquisite.

A holiday place
Family holidays which were : Menthon St Bernard on the Annecy lake, where we went sailing, hiking and skiing in winter. We had a pontoon on the lake and it was the meeting point for the families on holiday in the area; amusing and very social to be together every summer!
The other half of our holidays were spent in Ardèche, in the countryside, with wheat fields and cattle / cows. Again with our cousins we would just have fun in the fields and by the swiming poools. Less social but we had so much fun !

A few years later, Anne tells her a bit more about herself :

Your everyday luxury?
I have to admit it : t what I prefer is bedtime! And also, family dinners when my family is gathered round the table, unfortunately these moments get scarce.

Your favourite time of day?
I love mornings when the sun light illuminates my sitting room, we are fortunate to have a balcony with lots of plants; I call it my Parisian garden!

Your most recent Must Have, must see, must read and must do?
I love hiking. I started the Compostelle way with my husband and one of our daughters. We do it bit by bit when we find the time and it is a real pleasure to set off again and live OFF days, we just walk, eat, think and sleep.
A perfect reset in this materialistic world.

I recently read an amazing book : Karitas by K.M Baldursdottir. I travelled to Island last summer, I discovered and now enjoy Islandic literature  : Rosa Candida by A.A Olafsdottir is another example.

I would love to go to the theater more! I recently saw Le Monde d’hier by Stefan Zweig at the Théatre des Mathurins. Beautiful text and perfectly tuned with the unfortunate rise of of extremism today.

If you chose to live in another city?
In France, Marseille or provence. My favourite region for its light, smells and heat!I really need calories and sun to feel well and I have to think of a refill regulartly! Moreover, Marseill has the sea.. If I were to live abroad, I would choose Manhattan for its energy and dynamism.

Your favourite place in Paris to meet friends and family? Restaurant, park, boutique...
I live near the Jardin du Luxembourg and it's an lovely park except on sundays when over crowded.
I love having lunch with friends at the Café de La Mairie on the Place St Sulpice, and I enjoy having my friends at home too!

Now….about Marie Puce

Who is Marie Puce?
Marie Puce is the name we use for my youngest daughter Marie.

How would you describe Marie Puce?
For me, children's wear is meant to make a child look cute, one must not disguise children, either retro nor original, and not over fashionably.
Quality is our number 1 value, especially when selecting our fabrics, then the choic of trendy colours, pepsy and easy to wear. The cut and partterns are tested for each size and model/ Very crucial steps which can be skipped by brands to cut their costs...

Marie Puce is first and foremost the wish to work together with my sister, Camille. It is an amazing family story, we get on on perfectly we are very close and complimentary. Marie Puce illustrates our personalities . Today, Marie Puce is Camille and I and two other people; I appreciate immensely to work in such a delightful atmosphere.

Where does your insipration come from?
It’s a combintaion of "flavour of the day" you see on the streets, my travels, films ….I also get inspiration from the other ghildren around me, family and friends. I start imagining how I would dress them as I did when my children were small.

What do your prefer at Marie Puce?
I love conceiving prototypes and patterns, creating collections: selecting colours, styles. The cycles are recurrent and we cannot be late for the fashion seasons!It can very stressful and the most gratifying and reassuring moment is the launch of the the collection.

Your favourite Liberty?
Very difficult to make a choice. I have a preference for small prints and am very senstive to the combination of colours rather than the prints.

Marie Puce, tomorrow?
We are in constant move : development, communication strategy, our website and our Paris boutique!

A word for Camille :
Congratulations! and also OK, let’s go!

To conclude :
Life is beautiful!