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Marie Puce : backstage

The story behind each collection....

It all starts with a small sketchbook!
Inside are listed all our ideas over a whole year : ideas of sleeves, a neckline, a ribbon we like, a crush on a particular colour… everything is carefully registered in this precious sketchbook.
This is the beginning of a collection : chic cuts and designs, a very couture collection, elegant and meticulous details.

The first drafts for our collection are created in-house, at Marie Puce.
Our patterns are then cut into all sizes by a fashion design departments based in France naturally! Our fashion studios create patterns in various extreme sizes in order to ensure that enlarging and diminishing the sizes will not alter the initial design of the pattern.

Then, we launch the season's collection with our selection of Liberty fabrics. Every season, we just love receiving all the fabrics and designs!
Our final selection of fabrics comes gradually : the Liberty designs are worn by children and we then decide according to the way the "Liberty comes to life" when worn by our young models.
Each season, we select two Best of's for the Marie Puce fans who love Liberty, and two slightly more modern ones for our clients who love surprises!

Our cotton veils, linens and threads for our pull overs are selected among the best quality of fabrics. Marie Puce dyes them to its own colour patterns in order to obtain a subtle and genuine harmony.

When our fabrics arrive, the collections are launched in our amazing design workshop, in the North of France!
Each design and pattern is cautiously and meticulously checked by our workshop manager : stitches, hems, button holes, elastics, elegant details....

We are then impatient to discover our models, which are unveiled, in a preview for our photo shoot.

As the sale season ends, the new collection is unveiled in our Paris boutique.
We love every minute of it!

Illustrations and photos...
- Sketchbook
- Metrical accessories
- Fittings on extra small and extra large sizes
- Babies' head: check the head passage!
- Delivery of our Liberty mood boards
- Selection of Liberty fabrics
- Selection of the season's monochromes
- Our model range

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