The little story of Collégien tights

We chose the Collegian brand for 2 reasons:

- 1st reason: Quality, of course! An essential criterion for Marie Puce.

- 2nd reason: the brand is French and you know how much we love our French manufacturers and suppliers!

These 2 qualities are perfectly correlated of course....

Then discover the Collegian brand !

Created in 1947 by Robert Guille in a small village of 1700 inhabitants in southwestern France, the company is still located in Briatexte:

The hosiery is still run by the Guille family and it is currently Olivier Guille, the founder's great-grandson, who is the CEO.

The company offers socks for men, women and children, tights and famous sock shoes invented by the brand's founder, then updated by the current CEO.

The company has retained full control of the entire production chain at Briatexte: styling, development, dyeing, manufacturing, logistics and distribution.

Every season the design office develops about thirty trendy colours and we appreciate the opportunity to match our children's tights perfectly with our entire collection every winter.

All the yarns used are very fine quality materials carefully chosen: long fibre Egyptian cotton, cashmere or silk. We are always looking for the most beautiful materials and this is obviously a point to which we are particularly sensitive!

The manufacturing is done the old-fashioned way, with an important quality control.

The factory remains extremely responsive and we appreciate being able to order the most requested colours and sizes every week during the high season. This is a real "plus" for our clients!

120 people work today in this company which remains on a human scale even if it is now known worldwide.

Indeed we recently met one of our Chinese clients, an important influencer in China. She was very interested in the history of Collégien because the brand is currently very trendy on Chinese social networks!

So we are very proud to work with this beautiful French brand, ambassador of our traditions and our French know-how!

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