The Story of Main Sauvage

Adopting a soft toy is like expanding a family!

Created in Lille in 2015, Main Sauvage is a very young French brand of soft toys and cuddly toys made from Baby Alpaca wool, a natural, 100% renewable material that is especially suited to baby's sensitive skin because it is very soft and naturally antibacterial. Pure baby Alpaca wool is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin.

After their architecture studies, Cécile & Julien decided to launch their wonderful project for entirely handmade soft toys.

Before they merged, Cécile was already making little cuddly toys that she sold in several boutiques in her town, and Julien then encouraged her to take on this lovely project. Working hand in hand, the duo created poetic characters and maintained their desire to remain an ethical brand. 

These cute little cuddly toys, inspired by the strange and unexpected things in ordinary life, are hand-knitted in Bolivia in a Fairtrade-certified workshop. The result is soft, lovable cuddly toys!

Sometimes, some cuddly toys have minor cosmetic defects, so Main Sauvage donates them to Secours Populaire Français. 

When are you going to adopt your little alpaca wool cuddly toy?

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