Paris Secret by Marie Puce #9

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As you know, at Marie Puce, we are big fans of flowers and this spring time makes us extremely happy. For our #ParisSecretByMariePuce appointment this week, we couldn't not share with you our favorite parks of the season. Discover our little selection.

Jardin de plantes

Not far from our neighborhood, head to the 5th arrondissement and discover the Jardin de Plantes, a unique and ever-changing garden, created more than four centuries ago and composed of eleven different gardens.

Start your walk in the magnificent 2.5 hectare French garden and walk around seven hundred different varieties of plants that change throughout the summer.

If you are a lover of romantic walks, don't miss the visit to the rose garden, entirely dedicated to the queen of flowers. Single and double flowered roses, perfumed or odorless, will charm your senses with a symphony of colors and fragrances, which culminate in May and June.

But more than all this, the Jardin de Plantes is above all the place that keeps all the secrets of medicinal plants since 1635 thanks to the help of the botanical school that still today produces exceptional medicines...

Parc Floral

Visit the 12th arrondissement to discover a unique landscape where the magic of a natural space sublimely crosses the urban enchantment of Paris. Located in the heart of the Bois de Vincennes, a stone's throw from the castle, with its 28 hectares, the botanical garden has become the largest green space created in Paris since the Second Empire.

Let yourself be charmed by its rich and diversified flora and fauna with pavilions dedicated to bonsai trees, butterflies or Mediterranean plants... Foxes, weasels, squirrels, hedgehogs and numerous varied bird populations animate the park and the lake as well as the great diversity of flowers which includes huge varieties of Camellias, irises, bonsai trees or lotuses.

Open every day from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., in addition to its flowering areas, the Floral Park also offers a vast playground for children, a concert area with 1500 seats and a mini-golf course...

Don't wait any longer and enjoy the beautiful days with this colorful visit. 

Le jardin mappemonde Albert-Kahn

Located in Boulogne, on the banks of the Seine, the Albert-Kahn museum reopens its doors offering a certain idea of world peace, which reflects the philosophy of the famous philanthropist concerned with the interaction of the plant world with that of Man.

The philanthropist has made his garden a concentrate of the most beautiful landscapes of the globe where all the different roots and cultures intertwine.  

Discover here the Vosges forest, with its redwoods, plane trees, or Himalayan pines; the Japanese village, a true botanical work of art created by artists who come directly from Japan; the English garden and the French garden with a splendid white greenhouse, roses, fruits and ladybugs.

The result is unique: the pink explosion of Japanese cherry trees, the subtle shades of five families of magnolias, and the colorful carpet of primroses and crocuses will reach your heart for an unparalleled sensory experience.

Parc de Sceaux

As a little cherry on top, we highly recommend a visit to one of the most beautiful green spaces in the Greater Paris area: the Parc de Sceaux with its castle and cherry blossoms.

The park of the Domaine de Sceaux is a historical and listed place where you can stroll, walk, run or cycle every day of the year. But it is especially with the arrival of the beautiful days that the magic begins.

Every spring, the park is decked out in pink with its 150 Japanese cherry trees that offer a marvelous spectacle and where we celebrate Hanami, the traditional Japanese custom of appreciating the beauty of flowers.

It is the perfect place to get away from the city and spend a pleasant sunny day, lying on the grass and enjoying a nice family picnic.

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