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When the Cape Cod girls are free to do what they love, they choose to travel, capturing every moment in lovely photos. In addition to her passion for photography and travel, Anastasia also loves timeless and classic children’s clothing.

Catch up with Anastasia on Instagram @capecodmomma for some inspiration and discover in our article all her favorite looks from Marie Puce.

Hello Anastasia, can you introduce yourself?

My name is Anastasia, I'm mom to Elle, a busy 6-year-old little lady, attending kindergarten, participating in swim lessons, gymnastics, tap and ballet class, and figure skating.

We live in Massachusetts in the beautiful coastal community of Cape Cod. We love living close to the beach and enjoy it year-round!

What is your field of activity?

For over 10 years, I have been working as a school psychologist. I am very passionate about helping kids achieve educational, and social/emotional growth during their schooling.

What is your favorite activity to do together?

What we love the most when we are free is to travel! For the last three years, we have spent our summer months exploring new countries and fully embracing the different cultures. This summer, we are off to the South of France for five weeks to explore the small coastal towns along the French Riviera, bask in the Mediterranean sun and pristine beaches, and savor the incredible French cuisine. We are also looking forward to visiting your store in Paris!


Do you have any other passions besides your professional activity?

I am also a hobbyist photographer. I purchased my first real camera when Elle was six months old, and between reading photography blogs and watching numerous YouTube videos, I fell in love with capturing my daughter’s big and small moments over the years.

I love candid travel photos, but I also have a fondness for photographing Elle in classic and timeless children’s clothing, since she was very young. 

I enjoy discovering new brands with beautifully designed styles, fabrics, and details, and I get so much joy from sharing photos of Elle in these adorable outfits through my IG platform (@capecodmomma).

My favorite looks from Marie Puce

For a sophisticated dinner at the restaurant

Suzette dress - white: elegant dress with finely hand-smocked bib

Charles IX - matte gold: refined and entirely in leather, made in Spain, from Beberlis

Short ruffled socks - white: in Scottish thread with English embroidery, made in France, by Collégien

Striped bag - pink: very chic to complete the look, from Mimi et Lula

For an evening on the promenade

Salma dress - Liberty Phoebe grenadine: short dress with small flounce sleeves

Frimas Cardigan - marsala: a beautiful mix of yarns that makes it ideal for cool summer evenings

Alienor sandals - sable: timeless, made of leather, and made in Greece

Round bag - Liberty Phoebe grenadine: quilted bag with Liberty strap and 2 tassels in matching colors

For a day at the beach 

Jumpsuit Agathe - Liberty Mitsi Valeria blue: very trendy and casual, with adjustable straps and a tie to adjust the waist

Swimsuit - Liberty Mitsi Valeria blue: made of Liberty with hand-embroidered ruffle

Salt Water Original - silver: mythical in the United States, comfortable, and very resistant, even to seawater

Small bag - Liberty Mitsi Valeria blue: quilted bag, very classy and practical to keep all your stuff

For a Sunday stroll in the city center

Paloma Blouse - ecru: bohemian-chic spirit with its smocks and handmade embroideries

Coralie skirt - Liberty Donna Leigh pink: spinning skirt, delicate and very lightweight

Salt Water Original - gold: mythical in the United States, both comfortable and chic with their refined color

Pouch - Liberty Donna Leigh pink: quilted pouch to keep the smallest of toys

Ballerina Mouse: little mouse Maileg dressed as a ballerina with a beautiful pink tutu that perfectly matches the outfit

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