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#Paris Secret by Marie Puce

For our Paris Secret #2, we wanted bright, sparkling and cheerful colors.
Bright blue, pink, turquoise.... we take you to our three most colorful and picturesque streets of Paris for nice family walks.

Rue Crémieux

The first and most famous one is undoubtedly the Rue Crémieux. Located in the Quinze-Vingt district in the 12th arrondissement of Paris, it is 144 meters long and proudly displays 35 small houses with very colorful facades. Built on the former Imperial Arenas of the Second Empire, it was imagined on the model of the English pavilions of the workers' housing estates, with a kitchen in the basement and two floors comprising six rooms. 

But has it always been so colorful since its creation? Not at all... It only dates back to 1993! When this street was paved, the Paris City Council asked the residents to upgrade their facades by allowing them to color them with all the colors of the rainbow. 

Credit: Nina Tekwani

Cité du Figuier

Now go to the 11th arrondissement to see the Cité du Figuier (about a 20-minute walk from rue Crémieux). The entrance to this very green and bucolic alley is 104 rue Oberkampf and takes its name from the huge fig tree that still stands proudly.

Lined with low houses that were once occupied by artists and workers, this alley has been enhanced by the new owners and remains a nice testimony of the craft activities of the 18th and 19th centuries. Look carefully with the children and discover the house with the elephant fresco.

Credit: Voyageurs Gourmands

Rue des Thermopyles

Finally, our last nugget is on the other bank of the Seine, in the 14th arrondissement: it's the rue des Thermopyles. This little corner of the left bank surrounded by its old workers' houses, with its bucolic charm, is clearly worth a visit. Wisteria and ivy have invaded the facades and give the impression of being in a landscape of Provence or Italy. It's the ideal place for a family walk, enjoying the spring sun!

And don't forget to share with us your most beautiful pictures of your family walks with the hashtag #parissecretbymariepuce. 

Credit: Voyageurs sans frontières