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Our friends

Olivia BaumgartnerOlivia Baumgartner
We love her work, her photographic ideas and suggestions.
Olivia is our official photographer!

La Fabrique hexagonaleLa Fabrique hexagonale
La Fabrique hexagonale is an information blog created in 2008, dedicated to French companies who practice the "Made in France". These companies -which tend to become rare- perpetuate unique know-how and create jobs. They participate in the local economies and contribute to social progress. They use eco-friendly integrated manufacturing circuits and they are very precious to the French economy. La Fabrique hexagonale 's mains goals are :
- Increase the companies' visibility among the public and the media
- Inform clients in search of products, fashion etc Made in France
- Create a entrepreneur community with core values
Part of our collections are made and manufactured in the North of France, by wonderful people. Marie Puce is member of La Fabrique hexagonale.
As a fully transparent company, Marie Puce indicates when the model is entirely Made In France.

KolinostéKolinosté, unique doudous "made in Paris".
Welcome to the Kolinoste family! Unique creations, brothers and sisters but not twins. Full of colors and easy going! The Kolinoste are born in Paris, created and designed by hand by their designer. These elegant characters with their own felt body wear Liberty jackets; just perfect for Marie Puce!

Jelly CatJelly Cat
Established in London in 1999, Jelly Cat is one of the leaders in original and innovative luxurious soft toys. Marie Puce loves their simple and charming looks. Their softness is absolutely unique.
The blossom bashful bunny is many children's favorite!

The ideal magazine for parents with children up to 12 years old.
An ideal magazine full of activities and articles for children. Free copies for our in store clients. Visit their website and discover their advice, tips and addresses for children as well as their leading articles.

Hotel Beau SiteHôtel le Beau Site
Welcome to the magnificent Parc des Ecrins, and enjoy skiing on the Alpe d'Huez domain.
Camille and David are there for YOU. Discover a charming and cosy atmosphere.Trust them for your unforgettable cocoon like holiday…

Stéfanie van Zyl-PortraitisteStéfanie Van Zyl - Portraitiste
Marie Puce is a great fan of her art; especially her children and family portraits! A perfect idea for a gift ! Stéfanie Van Zyl paints with pastel, water colours, charcoal, sepia ink and oil colors… Don’t hesitate to contact her for a quote and order a very unique gift at a very realistic price !
Facebook Stéfanie Van Zyl