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****Kids yoga game**

Goal of the game: to assemble as many pairs of cards as possible and practice all the yoga postures illustrated. Feel the benefits of yoga: flexibility, strength, concentration and serenity.

The youngest player starts the game.
From the cards in front of him, he chooses two and turns them over one after the other. If he finds a pair,
he puts the cards in front of him and performs the illustrated posture. The other players then count together in a soft voice up to 5 while the posture is maintained. The player can play again. If no pairs are revealed, it is the next player's turn to turn over two cards.

Based on her experience teaching children and the success of the book ika Yoga, Ulrika Dezé introduces us to the Yogamini Memo, a game of memory and attention to practice yoga while having fun with Emma and Gabriel, her two new characters.

. width and length, 37 mm high,
. 42 cards (100100 mm, cardboard and glossy), Poster (500300 mm) illustrations
in color.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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